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What is PledgePage?
PledgePage is a simple, free way for people to bring their favorite fundraising causes to the Internet. Within minutes, you can create a website, share what inspires you, and allow people to donate online to your causes. You can also manage outreach activities with email and contact management tools, and much more!
Latest Diary Entries of PledgePagers
Aug 13 Joe Abedi: 8/13/2014: Training has actually been both very hard and getting easier at the same time. I am hitting a point ......
Jul 27 Jennifer: Its days like this I miss my best friend and husband so much... I find myself wanting to feel his ......
Jul 20 Bass: Day 1 - Went to my Dad's Sunday morning training session and raised £100 - what a stunning group of ......
Jul 10 Mark.: Today's the first day of my campaign. I will do everything and anything to help out, are you with me? ......
Jul 01 Andrea Diallo: No matter what you call me (Andrea, Andi, Dre, Drea, Pastor Andrea, Minister Diallo...hey girl!), you probably know this one ......
How can PledgePage Help Me?

PledgePage tells stories in the making: stories of everyday heroes, of ordinary people doing small acts with extraordinary heart. With this service, you can create a website to track the progress of your fundraising activities. It offers:

  • Your own URL, free and without any ads
  • A diary for sharing inspiration
  • Photo album for displaying images
  • Contact management for managing donors
  • Fundraising tracking
  • Guestbook that your supporters can sign
  • And more...
Soon, we will be introducing event-based fundraising tools for nonprofit organizations too! Stay tuned to this page for more.

Random Photo
Jenna & her 6 year old daughter taylor
Jenna & her 6 year old daughter taylor:
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