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What is PledgePage?
PledgePage is a simple, free way for people to bring their favorite fundraising causes to the Internet. Within minutes, you can create a website, share what inspires you, and allow people to donate online to your causes. You can also manage outreach activities with email and contact management tools, and much more!
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How can PledgePage Help Me?

PledgePage tells stories in the making: stories of everyday heroes, of ordinary people doing small acts with extraordinary heart. With this service, you can create a website to track the progress of your fundraising activities. It offers:

  • Your own URL, free and without any ads
  • A diary for sharing inspiration
  • Photo album for displaying images
  • Contact management for managing donors
  • Fundraising tracking
  • Guestbook that your supporters can sign
  • And more...
Soon, we will be introducing event-based fundraising tools for nonprofit organizations too! Stay tuned to this page for more.

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