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What is PledgePage?
PledgePage is a simple, free way for people to bring their favorite fundraising causes to the Internet. Within minutes, you can create a website, share what inspires you, and allow people to donate online to your causes. You can also manage outreach activities with email and contact management tools, and much more!
Latest Diary Entries of PledgePagers
Feb 14 Anup Vishnu: Good Evening! I feel excited to build my first pledge page ... Hope it accomplishes the mission for which it is created, So ......
Feb 11 Audrey: I went to the dentist All Smiles in Lake Jackson, Texas on Feb 04th, 2016 and they gave me a ......
Feb 03 Carrie Windsor: My friend Lori is a great person. She always helps others before helping herself. I want to take ......
Jan 26 Nikki Porter: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step! Lao Tzu ......
Jan 19 Story of an inspiring lady - Ashifa : An Inspiring Story for all. . This is the story of such a kind woman who empowered herself for her children's ......
How can PledgePage Help Me?

PledgePage tells stories in the making: stories of everyday heroes, of ordinary people doing small acts with extraordinary heart. With this service, you can create a website to track the progress of your fundraising activities. It offers:

  • Your own URL, free and without any ads
  • A diary for sharing inspiration
  • Photo album for displaying images
  • Contact management for managing donors
  • Fundraising tracking
  • Guestbook that your supporters can sign
  • And more...
Soon, we will be introducing event-based fundraising tools for nonprofit organizations too! Stay tuned to this page for more.

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Aqui lo que cuenta es el CA$$$HHHH!!!!
Aqui lo que cuenta es el CA$$$HHHH!!!!: August 17, 2005
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