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About Us

ServiceSpace is an experiment in the joy of giving. It's a volunteer run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, started in April 1999, to empower nonprofits with web-based technological solutions. What started with free web solutions for nonprofits is now becoming a bridge between the internet and the inner-net. ServiceSpace is a bundle of small miracles, a celebration of the spirit of service. Six years ago, there were 4 CF volunteers. Today ...

  • McDonalds Numbers: over 9000 ServiceSpace volunteers in about a dozen countries have served over 950 nonprofit requests since our start. The value of these services is in millions of dollars yet CF operates on practically zero overhead.

  • Nonprofit services: ServiceSpace' hallmark services started with building websites and then grew into web solutions. Over 70-100 concurrent projects are managed at any given time. Rock solid infrastructure, fueled by inspiration to serve, makes it all happen.

  • PledgePage: we took over a dot-com last year and doubled its numbers in the first three months. It provides a free way for runners (marathons, fundraiser walks, etc.) to raise money online for their favorite causes. Today, over 2000 users have raised close to $3MM for many great causes globally.

  • ProPoor: started by the owner of Sony Ent. TV in Singapore (Jayesh Parekh), this is a massive portal for South Asia (lists about 14,000 NGOs, has daily news, and more). In December 2002, they decided to hand over their whole organization (which at one point had 10-15 staffers) to ServiceSpace. Jayesh is now a CF volunteer. :)

  • cShops: a new project of ServiceSpace that is getting rave reviews! The idea is for rural artisans in developing countries to sell their handicrafts online to an international audience. Can we do e-Commerce with volunteers? We'll find out soon. :)

  • Inspiring Messages: Imagine seeing these banners ads-- Get rich quick. Watch Brittany in concert. Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. We can do no big acts, only small acts with great love. This project, started by an avid surfer in Half Moon Bay, uses internet banner advertising to put "enlightening" quotes and poems on mainstream websites. Since its inception in 2002, we've arranged for over 100 million views of inspiring words!

  • DailyGood: Extraordinary, positive changes are happening all around the world but we often just hear the bad news. Not any more. Welcome to a portal of good news! Based off our wildly popular Quote-A-Day service that reaches over 25000 subscribers daily, this is our newest project.

  • Service Space: this is an even newer project (yet to be implemented), where we hope to bring together service people from all walks of life to engage in compassionate action and share resources. We hope to fill those gaps to leverage our existing platform and build an incubator of compassionate action.

  • People: there are loads of people behind the scenes from lawyers to carpenters to teachers to engineers to entrepenuers to you name it. We have a "tigers" team of about 90 folks that manages all the teams of ServiceSpace and fit into some sort of a structure that really represents a modern application of ancient values.

Fundamentally, we have three primary focus: inspiration, action and connection. Wherever you are in your personal journey of service -- whether you just want to read Quote-a-Day or meditate or listen to inspiring speakers; whether you wanna roll up your sleeve, give of your efficiencies (what you're good at) and get to work; whether you want to use the Internet bridge to experience the inner-net -- ServiceSpace hopes to be an instrument to cultivate a deeper awareness.