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As a project of CharityFocus, PledgePage supports people in their own online expressions of service. The many aspects detailed below make PledgePage a powerful tool for those making changes within and without.

  • It's free. No hidden agendas, no ads, and no gotchas. The PledgePage service is simply our way of Helping Others Help Others. As volunteers, we are simply thankful for the opportunity to be of service.
  • It's easy. You can sign up and be up and running in a matter of minutes. Every user gets a unique website address, which becomes their PledgePage.
  • It's for everyone. Although we started PledgePage as a way to help those doing fundraisers, we have expanded our base to help promote all journeys of service -- whether they raise money, bring awareness, or simply inspire.

Every PledgePage is full of exciting features and tools that will leverage your efforts.

  • Diary. You can write journal entries and keep a web log, and you can also sort them into different folders.
  • Photo Albums. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and we'll give you 15 Megabytes of space to share those Kodak moments.
  • Guestbook. Your supporters will be able to leave messages for you in your guestbook.
  • Contact and Contributor Management. Keep track of all the people that are involved with your fundraising, and publicly acknowledge those that have supported your cause.
  • Fundraising Tracking. Use PledgePage to keep track of the funds you have been able to raise, and show the progress you are making toward your goal.
  • Custom Look and Feel. You can alter the colors, fonts and font sizes of your PledgePage to make it reflect your personality, without needing any technical knowledge.

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