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Spotlight Sites

February 2007:
  • Scott & Weirdo's Double H PledgePage: raising funds for a special camp for sick children (like the "hole in the wall gang" camp, also started by Paul Newman).
  • Agostino Lucia Undergraduate Endowment: started by Lucien in memory of his father--a scholarship fund for studies on the environment at NC State.
  • Tyler Smith's PledgePage: a 10 year old riding for a cure for multiple sclerosis.
  • Robert Sasse's PledgePage: supporting the work of doctors who work with hill tribes in Thailand.
  • Jen Wright's PledgePage: running 2 marathons a month apart for the leukemia/lymphoma society.
  • Anne Katrine: (this event already happened in 2006, but I was so inspired reading her pledgepage) -- climbing Mt Elbrus to raise funds for ovarian cancer research.
  • The Great COFE for CF: (once again) ... a guy with cystic fibrosis cycling across Europe to raise awareness about the disease and funds for amazing pledgepage by Walter.
  • Grandma Wong: (most of you already know about her plight--since one of our volunteers posted an entry about her) ... an older woman about to get evicted in Oakland.
October 2006:
  • The Great COFE for Cystic Fibrosis: Walter -- riding from Paris to Istanbul for cystic fibrosis (he himself has the disease, and is spreading awareness about it).

  • Supporting Sandra Tellis: a fundraiser for a woman who was brutally attacked in Oakland.

  • Mother-Daughter Canal Ride: Imagine Gosling, our thirty foot narrow boat, travelling from Huntingdon to Hebden Bridge. Imagine Mother and daughter co-owners raising money for forest restoration. Imagine a journey of 315 miles with 240 locks, 5 moveable bridges, 21 small aqueducts and 5 tunnels.

  • Neals Run To Fight Thyroid Cancer: themselves are battling thyroid cancer and are running a total of 3000 miles to raise money for thyroid cancer research

  • The Joseph Hanbury Children's Fund: to support the children of Joseph Hanbury, who passed away unexpectedly (" Joe's Kids").

  • Michelle's Volunteering!: traveling to Africa (Tanzania) to do volunteer work as part of Cross Cultural Solutions.

  • Summit Challenge 2006: Jordan Crouch is raising money for her alma mater, the Seattle Pacific University by climbing the 14,410 feet of Mt. Rainier.

  • Walking to D'Feet ALS: fund set up for Rick to help him with his medical expenses (unlike any other PledgePage site -- with animated photos et al).

  • Charlotte's Wellness Fund: to help someone who has faced tremendous physical and mental hardships and who has overwhelming hospital bills to pay.

  • Mujeres por la justicia, educacion y el reconocimiento: helping poor women in Guatemala become self-sufficient (a PledgePage entirely in Spanish!).

You might also seeing some of the following sites that have attracted a lot of attention lately:

Some historically significant PledgePages ...

12.31.2003 : John Petersen
This is the first PledgePage ever :) by the founder of PledgePage. Click to see his second one from late 2003.

12.31.2004 : Peter Ruan
Pete made up a PledgePage for a fundraiser for PledgePage. He has put pictures of his shoes, the random cheerleaders he met at the marathon, and even one of his Dad! :)

12.31.2005 : Team EA's Excellent Adventure
Inspired to support the breast cancer cause, this group of people created a PledgePage, got over 69000 hits and raised about 18 thousand dollars!

If you feel that your site should be listed on this page, please write to us with a snapshot of what inspires you.