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Chris McClain was integral in assembling the PledgePage team and concentrates on sales, business development, and the financial and legal considerations of the company. After graduating from UC Berkeley in 1988 with BAs in Economics and History, he dispelled any notions of going to law school by working at a law firm for a year and a half. He then bummed around Europe for a while, returning to California to start an import/export business selling California potpourri to flower shops in England from his garage. He didn't make much money, but his garage smelled very nice.
Neil Kjeldsen provided the original spark that eventually turned into the PledgePage idea. Before committing to PledgePage full time at the end of 1999, Neil spent two years at Charles Schwab Online. He spent one year as part of the strategic planning group, then moved over into the Finance group where he was the functional controller for web, software and email product development. He also wrote business plans for new ideas, participated in product development, and was involved in online partnerships.
John Petersen quit his job as a programmer at Oracle in mid-1999 to develop his own high-end, 3D applications. Along the way, he and his wife participated in a marathon to raise money for the Leukemia Society. To help with their fundraising, John put together a website which would be the seed that grew into PledgePage.
John graduated from UC Berkeley with an English and Economics degree. After waiting tables for a few years he decided he'd rather program computers than sling hash. He has since fooled several companies into hiring him, including ThinkLink, Macromedia, and Oracle.
Dennis Macray has spent the last eight years working in the nonprofit sector, primarily helping nonprofits with business development, fundraising, and related activities. He is currently splitting time between PledgePage and linking small producers in developing countries with buyers in the US. Before moving to Seattle, Dennis managed the microenterprise program of the Katalysis Partnership, where he coordinated programs in four countries while setting up a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt loan fund. He has also worked at FINCA International and Conservation International in Washington, DC. He has also helped out numerous Bay Area nonprofits and has extensive experience working with organizations in developing countries.
Peter Dudley is finally putting his engineering degree to use by engaging in web engineering full time after ten years of technical writing, product marketing, and marketing management. Peter cut his teeth on the B-2 bomber as a Boeing drone fresh out of UC Berkeley, then quickly escaped into high tech by joining Geoworks as their first technical writer. Personally responsible for over 1,500 pages of OS documentation, Peter became manager of tech pubs at Geoworks, then took over product management of all the company's development tools. Peter left Geoworks in 1997 to join Nokia Mobile Phones as a consultant working with developers in using the revolutionary Nokia 9000 Communicator. In 1998, Peter joined startup Rapid Logic ad director of marketing and helped the 12-person company go from a no-name technology provider to a niche leader and recognized industry brand. Then, at the end of 1999, Peter left Rapid Logic to start PledgePage.